Extraordinary Services

AZADI Fine Rugs is steeped in tradition, authenticity, and personalization that caters to the occasional client and the antique rug collector alike. At AZADI, first-class service means a deep respect and recognition for the special needs of each and every client, project, and the personal attention required to make all dreams come true. AZADI continues to have a deep appreciation for the tools of the trade, including a breath of personal tastes and unique environments – aligned with your trained eye for rug design, patterns, textures, and colors in crafting a distinctive story – matched specially to your client’s lifestyle.

So it seems only natural then that AZADI delivers the quality and majesty of these inspired creations with impeccable Seven-Star Service. The AZADI rug gallery begins by bringing into your home over two centuries worth of knowledge and experience so that AZADI may better understand your vision, learn your needs, and create the environment that exceeds your expectations. Rug design isn’t just our only business, as AZADI also provides a long list of tailored services, including: Conservation and Restoration, Antique Preservation, Appraisals, Same-Day Appointments, Worldwide Shipping and Delivery, Lifetime Rug Exchange, Insurance, 24-Hour Trial Period, and Gift Cards. You don’t have to be an antique rug collector to enjoy our services, so arrange a visit with us at our rug gallery at any time.