By: David Neishabori

When shopping for a hand-woven area rug there are 3 important things one must consider: Quality, Price and Appeal.

Quality: Rug quality is based on 3 important things; Most important of all is the quality of the workmanship. second is the quality of the wool, and third is the quality of the dyes

  1. The quality of the workmanship: The quality of the workmanship is the most important factor to consider when it comes to determining the quality of the rug.  The experience of the weaver (meaning the length of time he/she has been weaving rugs) is extremely important.  Remember, this is an art piece, created by a talented artisan, whose craft may have been passed down from generation to generation. These artisans use their expertise to weave rugs to enhance our mood by color, pattern and shape from an architectural point of view. Rugs are not machines put together by reading from a manual.  The more experienced the commissioned weaver is – the higher the quality of the rug is.
  2. The quality of the wool: New Zealand wool and Turkish wool are considered the highest quality wools available. Did you know that the most prized wool comes from sheep that are shorn in the springtime as they are feed fresh grass, which produces softer wool? Sheep shorn in the winter are fed dry grass, which produces a dryer wool that is coarse feeling.
  3. The quality of the dyes: All natural vegetal dyes are proven to stand the test of time as they have been used for thousands of years. Their colors are derived from many items found in nature. Some examples of naturally derived dyes are; Indigo, which grows wild and is cultivated in the Near East, and is the primary source for the color blue, and red, which comes from the root of the madder plant.  German synthetic dyes are also very good quality that are preferable because of their permanence.

Price: You may wonder what sets the price of the rug. There are 3 important factors that go into the price of the rug:

  1. The cost to commission a hand-woven rug. A higher commissioning structure ensures you are receiving a piece that is hand-packed, woven with integrity and without child-labor.
  2. Is the rug woven without child-labor? Child-labor is one subject that is often avoided. Often a lower price indicates the use of child-labor. Ask your dealer for verification that they recognized and certified as a child labor free rug dealer?
  3. The quality of the materials. There are various grades of wool and dyes and within each grade there are higher qualities of the product. A more experienced weaver will require finer wool and dyes.  You can be sure that if the weaver cuts corners on labor, they will also cut corners on the materials. Breathing chemically polluted wool and artificial dyes is hazardous to your health.

BEWARE of rug companies that offer huge discounts and sales. Often these are gimmicks!

Appeal: There is no question that the appeal of the area rug is going to be a huge factor leading to your final decision. Size and material both go into the equation.  The balance of color and coordination of design also go into the appeal of the rug. Most importantly though…is how you feel about rug.

  1. Does it make you happy when you look at it?
  2. How about the design of the rug?  Does it create the mood you want? Are the elements of the rug architecturally balanced?
  3. Does it set the tone or tie together the décor of the room?

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