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Not all people have the same taste in rugs. While some like contemporary rugs, or elegant rugs, many fancy the rugs which highlight tribal motifs and designs.

“Tribal” rugs are rugs that were woven by nomadic tribal weavers and are recognizable by their colorful, geometric motifs. The nomadic tribal weavers used vibrant dyes and bold, exciting designs in making these rugs. If you want to impart a unique look to your home, then using tribal rugs is a must.

Creating a central focus

If you like minimalistic décor in the room yet want to highlight a certain part of the room, then vibrant Tribal rugs are your best option. As these tribal rugs are very colorful, they will steal the show. When the center of attraction is so rich, you will not require any other showpieces in the room.

Tribal Rug Sources

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AZADI Fine Rugs is known as the most trusted authority and respected resource in the industry, providing exquisite rugs with extraordinary service for over two centuries.  AZADI owner, David Neishabori continues to operate from this over 200-year tradition, passed along through each generation of his family owned business.

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