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If you take a look at the traditional way of making rugs you will find that the way rugs are made today is not a new process. The rug weaving process has been prevalent since the ancient times. This includes the way rug wool is dyed.  Though chemical dyes were invented some time ago, AZADI Fine Rugs strives to find rugs that are dyed with all natural vegetal dyes. The pigments in natural vegetal dyes impart a unique quality to handwoven rugs. Even brand new rugs will look more like vintage rugs. The natural pigments are a little more subdued than chemical dyes but they give handwoven rugs a rich, luxurious look and feel.

You may wonder where all natural vegetal dyes come from: red to orange root of the madder plant Rubia tinctoria, salmon depleted madder dye as dye baths are re-used, the dye gets weaker and colors get lighter, bright red to burgundy cochineal (dried insect carapace) often from Dactylopius coccus, blue-red to purple-red lac (resin secreted by insect) often from Coccus laccae, light blue to navy indigo (extracted from the indigo plant) Indigoferra, pale yellow to yellow-brown larkspur or isparuk (a flowering plant) Delphinium sulpureum, pale yellow to yellow-brown weld (a flowering herb) Reseda luteola, brown oak bark, tree gallsQuercus, black tannin, oak tree galls, iron, green double-dye of larkspur and indigo.

Like wool, dyes may vary considerably in quality, and they may affect the value and desirability of the rug. Some are rich and saturated, others are soft. Natural dyes will have a transparent quality that lets the color shine in response to light. When combined with lustrous wool, transparent dyes make the color effects come to life.

Antique rugs were made with dyes derived primarily from vegetable materials, although some like lac or cochineal were derived from insect shells. All such dyes were properly fixed not to run when wet or to fade appreciably on exposure to light.  This fixing might take weeks, especially to achieve rich colors. Early synthetic dyes gave bright colors without lengthy fixing, but they were unstable.  Within the last twenty years weavers in many rug-producing regions have succeeded in reviving the traditional technique of vegetable derived dyes.

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