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The AZADI Story begins with a rich history of passion and delight in providing you with exquisite rugs and exceptional service for over two centuries.  AZADI Fine Rugs is steeped in family tradition, authenticity and personalization, and an unrivaled commitment that makes AZADI your most trusted resource for contemporary, antique and custom rug designs from around the globe.

We are honored to share with you history, art, and culture, through the magic of handwoven rugs.  We believe that it all begins at home and that the colors and designs you surround yourself with will serve to enhance the beauty and quality of your life.

AZADI Navajo Rugs is the most recent addition to the AZADI Fine Rugs family. The oldest purveyor of fine rugs in the world, AZADI Fine Rugs is known as the most trusted authority and resource on fine rugs. A passion for the unique history of the Navajo people, combined with a motivation to cultivate and preserve the dying art of the Navajo culture led to the creation of AZADI Navajo Rugs. Visit our resident Navajo rug expert Richard Harvey to learn about acquiring a traditional Navajo weaving for your home.

At AZADI Navajo Rugs you will find a vast collection of exquisite Navajo weavings in our showroom ready for immediate delivery!

We recognize that time is the most precious thing you have.  Take advantage of our 7-Star Concierge Service and call 928.203.0620 to schedule a complimentary consultation in the privacy of your own home.

Let us make your home an oasis, elevate your spirit, and create memories for years to come with extraordinary fine rugs from AZADI.

*AZADI is certified and recognized world-wide as a child labor free rug gallery.  Your business with AZADI builds a global legacy of the elimination of child labor in the rug industry.

AZADI also offers professional hand washing, tailoring, appraisal/emergency appraisal, investment consultation services.  Ask about our Fine Wash VIP Program.

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