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AZADI Fine Rugs is known as the most trusted authority and respected resource in the industry, providing exquisite rugs with extraordinary service for over two centuries. Established in 1790, AZADI has a rich history based on 200 years of devotion to hand woven rugs and the clients they serve.  AZADI Fine Rugs owner David Neishabori continues to operate from this tradition, passed along through each generation of his family owned business.


Construction refers to how an area rug is made, which makes all the difference. Whether it’s a hand-knotted rug or a hand-hooked one, the construction matters: It will determine the look, texture, quality, and longevity of your rug. Here are a few common rug constructions to note when choosing a rug.


Tufted rugs are created without knots. Instead, loops of yarn are pulled through the rug’s backing material using a machine or a hand-held tool. The loops are then sheared to create a smooth cut-pile surface. Since less work is involved than in the construction of a hand-knotted rug, even the highest-quality tufted rugs can be produced relatively quickly and inexpensively. Tufted rugs tend to shed more than other rugs and may require more-frequent vacuuming. They are best for family rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms.


Hooking is similar to tufting, but the yarn loops stay intact. Loops of yarn are pulled through the rug’s backing material using a machine or a hand-held hooking needle. Instead of being sheared like tufted rugs, the loops are left alone, creating a knobby embroidered look.  Hooked rugs are best for: Family rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms


Flat-weaves do not have a pile, because they are woven on a loom. Flat-weave rugs are made by hand or machine by weaving vertical yarns (warps) through the horizontal yarns (wefts). Because they are not woven onto a backing, the rugs are reversible.  They are best for: High-traffic rooms and spill-prone areas like the kitchen, playroom, or entryway


This is the most labor-intensive rug-making technique. Weavers tie individual knots to the warp yarns that make up the length of the rug. These knots form the surface, or pile, of the rug. Because they are crafted by artisans, no two hand-knotted rugs are exactly alike. Hand-knotted rugs are best for: Formal gathering spaces like the living room or great room

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Azadi Fine Rugs is a certified child-labor free rug gallery. You do good, globally, by your participation in the elimination of child labor in the rug industry.  With your business at AZADI, you are creating this special legacy.  Choose your rug dealer carefully, one that is a trusted and knowledgeable resource like AZADI Fine Rugs.  Many Interior Designers believe that a beautiful hand-woven rug can be the basis of their design plan. As we say at AZADI Fine Rugs, the rug is The Foundation for Fine Living.  For a complimentary in-home consultation, contact AZADI Fine Rugs at (480)483-4600.

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