By: David Neishabori


You are probably wondering, “Why should visit AZADI Fine Rugs” ?

 Here are a few reasons: 

1) At AZADI, you will find the hottest and most extraordinary rugs in the world

2) Each rug at AZADI has been personally hand inspected by David Neishabori to ensure its quality and beauty

3) We provide the highest quality, child-labor free rugs that weave a brighter future for both mother and daughter

4) Whether your taste is Contemporary, Tribal, Mountain Modern or Antique, AZADI Fine Rugs has the most fresh and current inventory, available for immediate delivery, for you to choose from


This past Wednesday AZADI Fine Rugs owner, David Neishabori, welcomed the graduating interior design class from Scottsdale Community College to the gallery for the opportunity to share some advice.  Coming from the family of the oldest rug purveyor in the world and having over 20 years in Scottsdale working with Interior Designers gave David plenty of information to share.

Here are some of the tips Mr. Neishabori had to offer:

  1.  Always be impeccably groomed.  How you look says everything, and if you look good, you feel good.  Your clients can feel this and it puts them at ease and gives them confidence in you.
  2. Add value to your clients life and home by giving them an unforgettable experience and a quality product.
  3. If your clients aren’t sure what “style” they like, instead of asking them, “Do you like Coastal Decor, or Southwestern Decor?”, take them shopping to see what they have a response to.  See what colors, patterns and textures evoke their emotions.  You do the work.  Pay attention to their response and formulate a style for them that is their own.
  4. Feel confident in your resources.  Use purveyors that stand behind their products and offer superior customer service, use quality materials (with no child labor.)
  5. Know your clients budget!  Don’t plan a 2 million dollar project when they only have 50K to spend.  If they aren’t sure what their budget is, give them 3 options and see where they land.
  6. Most importantly, when creating a design project, start with the rug!  The rug provides the inspiration and jumping off point for the room.  Everything else will fall into place after you select the rug.

Instructor of Interior Design at Scottsdale Community Collect, Katherine Hawkins, commented that, “Her students had a great time and got a lot out of their visit and said that David was so helpful in offering his insight into what incredible value they have the potential to offer their clients as they evolve into full-fledged designers!”


Stop by AZADI Fine Rugs to see their large collection of fine contemporary, transitional, tribal and antique rugs.  New trends are arriving daily!!!

AZADIFine Rugs is a certified child-labor free rug gallery. You do good, globally, by your participation in the elimination of child labor in the rug industry.  With your business at AZADI, you are creating this special legacy.  Choose your rug dealer carefully, one that is a trusted and knowledgeable resource like AZADI Fine Rugs.  Many Interior Designers believe that a beautiful hand-woven rug can be the basis of their design plan. As we say at AZADI Fine Rugs, the rug is The Foundation for Fine Living.  For a complimentary in-home consultation, contact AZADI Fine Rugs at (480)483-4600.

For all of your favorite area rug and home design trends stop by AZADI Fine Rugs, best rug store in Scottsdale.  AZADI has a collection of over 10,000 fine area rugs. Whether you’re designing one space or an entire home, AZADI is experienced with taking care of your needs instantly. Our many types of rugs include; hand-woven rugs, contemporary area rugs, Tuscan design rugs, transitional design rugs, simple and clean design rugs, Oriental rugs, wool area rugs, vintage area rugs, Persian tribal rugs and Antique area rugs. Let our professionals help transform your space with exquisite rug design. At AZADI Fine Rugs we deliver the quality of these exquisite designs with impeccable Seven-Star Service.

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