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Established in 1790, AZADI Fine Rugs has been providing exquisite antique, contemporary and custom designed rugs and extraordinary service for over two centuries.  Because of our longevity we have expert knowledge on area rugs and the rug market.  AZADI is certified and recognized globally as a child-labor free rug company.  

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with an authentic experience by sharing each individual story behind our pivotal rugs and how they will deliver your rich vision.  Visit one of our 6 Fine Rug Galleries and enjoy generations of talented artisans and their spectacular woven masterpieces.  

In addition to offering exquisite hand-woven area rugs, AZADI Fine Rugs provides a long list of specialty services including: Conservation & Restoration, Antique Rug Preservation, Appraisals, Same-Day Appointments, World-Wide Shipping & Delivery, Lifetime Rug Exchange, Insurance, 24-Hour Trial Period.  For more information call 480.483.4600.

David Neishabori

David Neishabori

Owner/Founder AZADI Fine Rugs


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AZADI Fine Rugs is a certified child-labor free rug gallery. With your business at AZADI, you are creating a legacy of the elimination of child labor in the rug industry.




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